Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New Works - Sue Barnfield

The Laboratory is delighted to be exhibiting works by the very talented and prolific Susan Barnfield. Sue has developed a unique style within her painted portraits over the past year or so, adding washes of colour to create depth and emotive expression. Sue draws and paints portraits of celebrities, popular culture figures and private commissions. Her skill at portraying the likeness and personalities of her subject is quite remarkable.

Sue Barnfield was born in London, and is now living and working in the Basildon Area. She has been painting and drawing since childhood, and now feels that her practice has led her to a positive place as an artist. Sue is self taught, encouraged and influenced by many people, most notably her late father George White.
Broken, Water colour on paper

Diana, pastels on paper

Harry Styles Pastel on paper

London Bridge, print of an acrylic painting - the original was auction in Australia

Marilyn, pastel on paper

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