Sunday, 9 March 2014

New Works - Jason Merle

This month we are delighted to be showing work by five talented local artists. Jason Merle, Steve Stott, Claire Bartlett, Sue Barnfield and Darren Jones. The Laboratory offers artists the opportunity to showcase several pieces of work for a two month period to the many visitors that we have to the park. Their work can be viewed at The Laboratory art studio, The Wat Tyler Café and The Green Centre.

We asked Jason to write a few words about his art, here's what he said:
" I am a self taught artist and have been drawing for a number of years during breaks in my music career and am now studying for a GCSE/A Level in art. In recent years I have focused more on my art and am fortunate to be able to regularly exhibit my work in Basildon Art Gallery.. My next exhibition due to start there in February 2014.
I also get a lot of inspiration from the experience that I've had over many years of touring during my music career. I express my ideas through abstract art, taking advantage of my skills in sculpture to create 3D art."
The Scream - Oil on Canvas. Interpretation Of The Scream by Expressionist Artist Edvard Munch

Crucifixion, oil on canvas

Modern Religion, Oil on canvas

For more information on Jason's art you can contact him on

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