Thursday, 13 March 2014

New Works - Darren Jones

Over March and April you can view artworks by five local artists at The Laboratory art studio, The Green Centre and The Wat Tyler Cafe. We a pleased to be exhibiting work by Musician Darren Jones from the band The Long Run. Darren's work process involves layering paint through washes of colour and happenings too create the desired effect. Darren also uses collage, emulsion and acrylic paint to create layers paintings of tribal figures.

We asked Darren to tell us a little about his practice:
"I love creating, I love creating paintings, music, models anything because its good therapy for clearing my mind, getting myself in a place/mood. I like to produce art & music that brings you up. I'm deeply interested in African music & art, they're both bursting with colour & for me puts me in a place I feel comfortable. Sometimes the subject matter is an obvious nod to African culture for example the African portraits I've done. like African art some of my paintings are of my home town & the places/things I feel attached too like in the landscape of Canvey I painted. I prefer using acrylics on wood because of the textures I can achieve on a solid surface, painting on wood also is a great canvas to experiment on like using collage techniques. I went to Southend college for three years which helped me develop an understanding of exploring all types of mediums/techniques artists & thinking outside the box. I've been commissioned by schools & private jobs but my proudest moment was unveiling a giant mural to Prince Philip which I produced with Canvey Junior School in memory of the people who lost there lives to the 1958. "
Birds of Paradise, emulsion, acrylic and collage on board

African Portrait, emulsion, acrylic and collage on board

Canvey Island, emulsion and acrylic on board

To find out more about Darren's practice contact

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