Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Launch

This Saturday saw the official launch opening of The Laboratory art studio, opposite The Green Centre at Wat Tyler Country Park.
We had a fantastic day with a large number of visitors who joined us for the launch and took part in the day's activities.
Participants had fun making a bowl from newspaper, drawing images of our large paper roll and showing off their artistic skills on our "Draw one Take one" activity.
A big thank you to Stephen Metcalfe MP, for visiting the studio and joining in with the fun activities (see pictures below) and Steve Prewer, manager of Wat Tyler for supporting our vision and attending the event.

The studio will be open most weekends, with next Saturday seeing the start of our Make and Matter group costing £3 per particpant. Workshops will start at 9:00am and finish at 11:00am. Participants will learn how to make felt brooches of various designs. We hope that once you have learnt how to make a brooch you will join us to make additional pieces that can be taken to Basildon St Luke's Hospice and sold in their shop to help raise funds. The aim of this group is for participants to learn a technique or new skills, socialise and make a positive contribution to their community.
We will also be holding Moshi Monsters workshop for all ages costing £3 per participant. Drop in any time between 12:00noon-4:00pm. Participants will learn how to draw their favourite monsters, design their own and make a Moshi Monster out of plastercine.

Ready for the launch

Tables ready for the art and craft activities

Summer showing off her stunning newspaper rolled bowl

Having fun drawing on the "Draw one Take one" table

It was a pleasure to see people of all ages exploring their creativity at The Laboratory

Eva working hard to make her spiral from Newspaper to turn into a bowl

Daniel created a fantastic spiral sculpture from Newspaper

MP Stephen Metcalfe popped along to find out about The Laboratory

Guided by the fabulous Sue Barnfield, Mr Metcalfe joined in the "Draw one Take one" activity

This lucky chap chose Mr Metcalfes drawing after leaving a
beautiful shell drawing on the wall for the next lucky customer

We were pleased to see people from all ages visit The Laboratory.
The range of drawings created represented a wide range of styles and abilities.

My talented sister-in-law Lea King made these amazing cupcakes, which some visitors were lucky enough to try!

At the end of the day we toasted the gallery with a nice glass of bubbly .
If you are interested in joining any of classes email to book your space.
Our adult beginners classes start Monday 14th January 7:00pm-9:00pm, 
Children's art classes start Thursday 17th January 5:00pm-6:30pm 
and adult classes start on Thursday 17th January 7:00pm-9:00pm 

To keep up-to-date with events at The Laboratory follow us on twitter: @1the_laboratory or facebook:

Thank you to my sister Nicky for running the newspaper craft activity, Sue Barnfield for running the draw one take one stall, Lea for the lovely cup cakes, my amazing friends and family for all your support, encouragement and belief in me and last but by no means least to my wonderful husband for being my technician,  photographer, chauffeur, accountant and my rock.

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