Saturday, 26 January 2013

Classes at The Laboratory

Art classes and workshops are thriving at The Laboratory this January. After our fun weekend drawing and creating Moshie Monsters last weekend, this weekend it was all about clay! Find out how our pottery workshop went later in this blog.
The Laboratory art classes are now up and running. This week we explored new mediums and techniques in shading producing a small sketch each. Art classes run every Thursday 7:00pm-9:00pm, if you are interested in joining this class please email Lisa on
The photos below show what we got up to this week.
Practising shading skills

Experimenting with different shading techniques

Working from a secondary source, Neil uses water soluble crayons to create layers of colour

Lee using pencil and water soluble crayons to reproduce this budding poppy. Beautiful shading work.

Owen lays a charcoal ground and then uses a rubber to draw this
stunning Rhino, adding hints of colour


This bright coloured Peacocks head was drawn by Sophie, using pencil and water soluble crayons. Great attention to detail and use of colour.
This Saturday potential potters of all ages joined us at The Laboratory for our pottery workshop. Budding potters created vases, bowls and plates of all shapes and sizes on our potters wheel. As a first time experience for most, adults and children alike were pleased with the results they managed to accomplish.
After making pots on the wheel, our budding potters learnt how to make coil pots and basic clay sculptures using a range of tools and techniques. Here is how we got on...

Learning how to throw a pot

The children made this look quite easy, but it didn't put adults off having a go.

All first time potters were pleased with the results that they got,
producing small vases, plates and pots

A natural potter in the making
Learning how to make a plate

After creating a pot on the wheel it was time to get creative at the table

Children learnt how to make a coil pot as well as exploring how to use clay to create small sculptures and plaques

 We all loved getting messy and squishing the clay between our fingers. Great work Holly!

Summer enjoying working with clay and making a wonderful coil pot

Jack add additonal detail to his coil pot

Birthday boy Danny, enjoys showing dad how to use roll clay to make a coil pot.

Don't miss out on future fun art and craft workshops at The Laboratory.
Sunday 3rd February
Doodle Day and Valentines Art (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Join us for a fun day of doodling raising funds for Ep
ilepsy Action Charity or you can have fun making a range of stunning Valentines gifts for that special someone...

Sunday 10th February
Chinese New Year (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Celebrate the “Year of the Snake” with us at The Laboratory and learn a how to make your own paper craft snake, felt fortune cookies, unique Chinese lanterns and more.

Sunday 17th February
Urban Art Blast (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Create your own unique Banksy Style canvas using acrylic paint, stencils and collage

Saturday 23rd February
All things Welsh! (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Get ready to celebrate St David’s day on the 1st March by joining us for our welsh art and craft session, make your own flag, dragon, Welsh lady, daffodil crafts and more.

All sessions cost £3 per person. Feel free to drop in any time between 12:00-4:30pm to join in the activities. If you would prefer to book a slot please contact Lisa Smith on:
07970332097 or email:

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