Saturday, 19 January 2013

Moshi Monsters Mayhem

It was Moshi Monster Mayhem in The Laboratory this Saturday, as all ages joined us to design, draw and create their very own Moshi Monster.
This was a great workshop for observational drawing and problem solving. Participants had to observe the shapes that made up the particular Moshi Monster they wanted to create prior to starting their initial drawing. When it came to actually modelling the monster out of plasticine   participants had to review the shapes from their drawing - reinforcing what they had observed earlier. Our Moshi Monster creators then used knowledge gained through a plasticine modelling demonstration, to work out how to adhere these together, mix colours and consider the correct modelling tool to make the mark required.

To start the session we looked at various Moshi Monsters to give us ideas to work from and to observe and note what shapes and colours we would require to draw our Monster. After discussing the shapes needed and how to draw these using a light pencil outline to get the basic shape, participants embraced the challenge and got creating.
Angels beautiful colour-blast Moshi

Moshi Time at The Laboratory

Joshua, colouring in a picture Daddy helped to draw

William worked really hard on his drawing of Oddie. Filling the paper and keeping the drawing to proportion

All ages enjoyed creating and drawing their Moshi's, enjoying the opportunity to relax and create

We thought this was a really good drawing for Brandons age. The eye and beak are in the right place and you can make out the shape of the birds wings and feet. Great solid colouring in.

Even the adults got involved
When was the last time you sat down as an adult and coloured in a picture?
 And here are a selection of some of the Moshi Monsters drawn today.
William's drawing of Oddie

Amy's drawing 

Nicky's lovely penguin drawing
 Once the children had drawn their plan for their Moshi Monster, and considered what shapes they required to make the monster, it was time to hit the plasticine table.
Children watched a short demo by myself showing them how to make basic shapes, how to mix colours, how to adhere plasticine together and how to create various details. Then it was time to get sculpting - and this is how we got on...
We was really impressed with how the younger children listened to  and followed instructions on how to use plasticine to create their Moshi Monster

Danny working hard to create his Moshi Monster referring to his drawing as he works
 Here are some of our finished Moshi Monster Creations
William's Moshi Monsters, we love the attention to detail on "Oddie" (the doughnut shaped monster)

Angel and Jack's amazing creations in this afternoons workshop

Danny and Zena proudly show off their Moshi Monsters

If you have enjoyed looking at this blog then why not join us to experiment, explore and create at any of our upcoming art workshops, (suitable for adults and children).
Saturday 26th January
Pottery fun (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Have fun learning how to make your own coil pot or even try your hand at throwing a pot on our potter’s wheel.

Sunday 3rd February
Doodle Day and Valentines Art (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Join us for a fun day of doodling raising funds for Epilepsy Action Charity or you can have fun making a range of stunning Valentines gifts for that special someone...

Sunday 10th February
Chinese New Year  (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Celebrate the “Year of the Snake” with us at The Laboratory and learn a how to make your own paper craft snake, felt fortune cookies, unique Chinese lanterns and more.

Sunday 17th February
Urban Art Blast (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Create your own unique Banksy Style canvas using acrylic paint, stencils and collage

Saturday 23rd February
All things Welsh!  (Drop in between 12:00noon-4:30pm) £3:00 pp
Get ready to celebrate St David’s day on the 1st March by joining us for our welsh art and craft session, make your own flag, dragon, Welsh lady, daffodil crafts and more.

All sessions cost £3 per person. Feel free to drop in any time between 12:00-4:30pm to join in the activities. If you would prefer to book a slot please contact Lisa Smith on:  Mobile: 07970332097     Email:

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