Saturday, 20 April 2013

Workshops @ The Laboratory

The Laboratory Art Studio based at Wat Tyler Country Park offers a wide and diverse range of workshops suitable for all ages and all abilities. Our workshops run between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm at the weekends and cost just £3:00 per person. 

Check out our programme for May and June, to book workshops email
 To give you an idea of what happens at The Laboratory here are some pictures from two of our recent workshops : Kite Making and Pottery

For our kite making workshop, children worked with adults to construct a basic frame using Withy Willow. Once the frame was build plastic was wrapped around the frame and then it was over to the children to decorate the kites using stickers, paint and embellishments ready for flying.
Carefully painting a stunning design on a handmade kite

Proudly showing of the final pieces

We just loved the intricacy in this kites design, we hope it flew well!

Some people chose to add ears, tails and tassels onto their kites

The Laboratory offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere where you can work with your children to create all kinds of arts and crafts. Children over the age of 8 can be left unassisted.
We just loved this beautiful beach scene which was painted fabulously! 

At the Laboratory you can create all sorts of wonderful pieces of work whilst chatting with your friends and family

Now let's go fly them kites!
 Pottery fun. One of our favourite workshops at The Laboratory is Pottery. We now have two potters wheels which offer children and adults of all ages (I think our youngest has been 2 years old) the opportunity to have a go at throwing a pot. With a little tuition and a little helping hand everyone is able to create a vase, bowl, plate etc that they can take home to paint. And whilst you are waiting for your turn on the wheel, we will show you how to make a pinch pot, a small animal sculpture and coiling with clay.
A helping hand offered on the potters wheel

Moulding the clay into a smooth shape ready to create a beautiful pot

Even adults enjoy having a go at throwing a pot on our wheels

The Laboratory offers a relaxed a clam atmosphere that is suitable for all ages and all abilities, Why not join us and explore, experiment and create!

Creating pinch pots whilst waiting to go on the potters wheel
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