Monday, 29 April 2013

Disney Time!

The magic of Disney came to life this weekend at The Laboratory art studio in our weekend arts and crafts workshop. With soundtracks from our favourite Disney movies playing in the background - children and adults were inspired to create their own 3D piece of art work. The workshop primarily focused on drawing skills, with our budding artists selecting an image and then using one of several techniques to transfer the image to paper. These included upside down drawing, pencil measuring skills, tracing or the use of a light box. Once the image had been drawn it was outlined using a black sharpie pen and then coloured in bold and beautiful colours. The next task was to create a stunning background that would set off the Disney characters. Both these drawings were placed through the laminator to make the images rigid  A small box was then placed between the two images to create a 3D effect. 
I was impressed with the concentration and detail the children put into their work to create some really beautiful and clever pieces of work. 

We loved this sparkly Tinker-bell
Alongside the 3D wall art our budding artists also created bookmarks, necklaces and mobiles.
Here's what we got up to:

There's something for everyone at The Laboratory

Using a light box to transfer an image. We were impressed with the precision and time spent on this piece.
 There were a lot of dogs to transfer!

Alice in Wonderland plus a fabulous Disney bookmark

We think this beautiful pink Disney necklace is fantastic and would look great on this stunning princess in-front of her castle.

Mr Potatoe head goes strolling through the forest!

Woody and his friends go for a stroll under a clear blue sky

This Tinker-bell is all heart!

This Incredible's 3D art work is just simply incredible! Perfectly drawn and coloured in with a pop art inspired backdrop.

All of the images were drawn by the children and then outlined with a black sharpie pen. This piece looks like it has come straight from the movie, beautifully drawn and coloured in - and we loved the bookmark to! 

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