Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Introducing Maxine Newell

This September The Laboratory Art Studio is delighted to be exhibiting the beautiful watercolour and Gel pen drawings by the very talented Maxine Newell.
Maxine's drawings display a sense of movement that delicately captures the essence of the people she is observing - whether they are carrying out everyday roles or spending quality time as a family.
We asked Maxine to write a few words to tell us about her work.
By The Pool Side, Watercolour and Gel ink on paper £45

A beautiful collection of watercolour paintings by Maxine Newell

Art work currently on show at The Wat Tyler Cafe

Maxine Newell (BA (Hons) Fine Art
My life experiences filter into my work, I don’t paint about something I paint the moment. For me time and the simple things in life are the most special. Losing my mum recently to cancer made me realise how important these moments are. I observe and draw discretely from life, capturing the immediacy of the passing moment.  I am intrigued by relationships, body language, the colour of cloths and movement. I use pen and watercolour, each drawing completed immediately as I am restricted by the moment passing so quickly.  This I do by looking at the person not the paper, blind drawings using simple fluid delicate marks. Each illustrative drawing provides a memory of the moment, just as a meaningful photograph would. I find the process exciting as I never know what I have drawn until I look down at the paper. I asked my 9 year old son what I should call the series of drawings he quoted “Summer of Life” what could be more appropriate!

You can view Maxine's artwork at The Wat Tyler Cafe Monday - Sunday 10am to 5pm
For more information please email Lisa Smith at the_laboratory@hotmail.co.uk


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