Friday, 2 August 2013

Fun With Plaster

This week has seen the launch of the Summer activities programme hosted by The Laboratory Art Studio based at Wat Tyler Country Park. We have a fun filled programme including painting 3D Canvases, making minions, painting birdhouse, printing t-shirts and so much more.
 Today we had an amazing plaster casting workshop where adults and children alike cast their hands in plaster by printing their palm or cupping plaster in their hands.
The studio was buzzing with budding young sculptors and artists creating amazing pieces of work. The children had to sit still (a difficult task for most of us!), to let the plaster set and then got onto the fun job of decorating the finished piece using paint and gem stones.
Here is how we got on....
Waiting patiently for the plaster to set

Cast set onto the busy job of painting!

Smiles all around, busy painting and casting

Concentrating on creating an amazing design

Waiting for the plaster to set

Proudly showing off the finished piece

We loved that these piece were colour co-ordinated, amazing work created today
 Here are some of the finished pieces
Our mums didn't want to miss out on the fun and some spent time casting and painting their own hand-print
The metallic paint really picks out the detail of this piece - it almost looks 3D

We loved the precision and colour choice of this hand cast

Just beautiful!

There is always time for  bit of splatter art!

A matching pair, beautiful painting and colour choice

If you would like any further information about our Summer programme or would like to book onto workshops or classes please email Lisa on

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