Monday, 17 June 2013

Superheroes Party at The Laboratory

This weekend we had a top team of  superheroes swoop into The Laboratory to celebrate a special birthday. Our super heroes enjoyed making their own mask, cape, split pin moveable figure and special super hero badge......and still had time for The Laboratories special arty pass the parcel.
Find out how our heroes got on below:

How fabulous are these Super hero themed cakes?

All good super heroes need a little help at times, mum helps to add sparkle to this beautiful pink mask

This super heroes green mask had sparkly numbers added ready to solve all sorts of equations

It takes great concentration to make a great mask and a split pin super hero!

The birthday boy working hard colouring in his mask - green appeared to be the colour of the day!

As each child arrived they were given this split pin super hero template to colour in whilst they waited for our other party super heroes to fly in

Looking on whilst getting some top tips for party host Lisa

This little super hero adds sparkle, and felt shapes to his hand made cape

More fantastic super hero cape designs being made

How amazing do these capes look? 

DC and Marvel have nothing on this lot, a lovely picture in full costume showing of their stunning masks, badges, split pin super hero and cape - all made in 2 hours - phew!

After all that hard work making it was time to play pass the parcel

Super hero pass the parcels ready for our super heroes to blast through!
Have you ever wondered what gives super heroes their power? Well we have found out the answer - popcorn!

At The Laboratory we design and deliver art parties for all ages! You chose your own theme and we design the party. You can choose from papercraft, fabric, sculpture, canvas painting, pottery, nail art, tiara and jewellery making or model making.
Themes can include under the sea, prince and princesses, bugs and butterflies, pirates, jungle animals, mermaids, hot wheels, ghosties, football, moshi monsters, Dr Who, Star Wars, Cars, The Simpsons and sooooooo much more!!! - Phew!
If you would like to enquire about a birthday parties at The Laboratory email Lisa on 

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