Monday, 20 May 2013

Mask Making @ The Laboratory

This Saturday at The Laboratory Art Studio it was time to get out the sequins, glitter, tissue paper, gem stones and a bit of imagination - to design, make a create our own masks.
Using a wide range of materials children and adults of all ages enjoyed making some beautiful creations. Participants were encouraged to plan their designs, thinking about colour combinations, how the masks were going to be embellished and if there was a particular theme to their mask
Here's what we got up to....
We loved the details around Joshua's eyes on his mask

Brandon enjoyed making his sparkly sequin covered mask

Emmie carefully cut out a tissue paper bacground for her mask and then embellished this with glitter glue

We thought the symmetry and design on Zoe's mask was amazing

Adele used a range of mediums including sequins, gems, felt tips and paper cut outs to embellish her stunning mask

Great colour combination and patience made Nicky's mask a success

Have you seen the new superhero in town?
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