Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Art

Today, The Laboratory at Wat Tyler Country Park celebrated St Patrick's day in style with some very talented individuals.
The task for today was to embrace Irish culture and create a unique flag, wreath and dancing Leprechaun using papercraft techniques. With a selection of the very best in Irish music playing in the background we got to work...
One of our favourite pieces created today. Great design work  on this beautiful Irish  papercraft flag.
Irish papercraft flag
 These flags were created by joining the green, white and orange rectangles together using lolly sticks and double sided tape. This provided additional strength to the flag and enhanced the movement when waved. A design is added to the panels using paper, felt tips and cut outs. Finally a bell is secured to the flag post to give our flags a unique jingle when in motion.
Examples of our Irish themed wreaths
 Our Irish wreaths utilised the qualities of tissue paper to create a range of interesting effects. Tissue paper could be scrunched, have shapes cut out such as shamrocks and flowers, or be wrapped around the centre circle to decorate the wreath. To complete the design embellishments such as glitter glue, sequins, buttons and feathers were added to the wreaths.
Our dancing leprechaun
 Our dancing Leprechauns provided the opportunity to relax and enjoy using colouring in skills. The limbs were secured using small split pins which then allowed the Leprechaun to dance along to the music playing.
Busy St Patrick's day at The Laboratory

The Laboratory provides a space where you can create art and craft items together with your children

All ages enjoy creating and making at The Laboratory

Spongebob goes Irish for the day, in this stunning flag design.

We actively encourage visitors to explore their creative skills when visiting the  studio. 

We love  these drawings that  were inspired by "King" by  featured artist Sharon Stone.
King by Sharon Stone - part of The Figure of Eight collective exhibition at The Laboratory
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