Sunday, 24 February 2013

All things Welsh @ The Laboratory

This weekend's workshop at The Laboratory provided participants with the opportunity to make and create decorations and works of art, ready to celebrate St David's Day on the 1st March.
The Laboratory is a place where all ages and all abilities can experiment, explore and create art in an inspiring and creative environment - that's accessible and affordable. Each week there is a different workshop that will explore a specific skill, medium, technique or topic. We operate on a drop in basis between 12:00noon and 4:00pm and you can stay and play until you have completed your project. This week it was really nice for parents and carers to get involved in the making and painting process, after all art should be for all.
If you would like to find out information on any upcoming workshops, to book a children's (or adults) art party or enquire about art courses/lessons at The Laboratory - please email Lisa on

A productive day at The Laboratory, beautiful canvas work girls.
 Here are a few of the pieces we made to inspire participants attending the workshop:
Abstract Daffodil Art Canvas painted using acrylic paint

Fire breathing welsh dragon made from recycled materials

Welsh themed collage plaque made using  paper-craft techniques
 So how did they get on...
The workshops provide the opportunity for participants to try new techniques, materials, learn new skills - and of course come along for a good natter!

These four canvases would look amazing on anyone hallway - well done boys

Enjoying getting messy with paint whilst decorating the Welsh dragon

Working hard on our drawing skills - Have your tried drawing the Welsh flag?
Participants drew these using the upside down drawing technique - engaging the left side of the brain  to focus on the image they were drawing

The workshops are not just for the children, grown ups enjoy getting messy and creative at The Laboratory as well

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