Sunday, 30 December 2012

Moving In

This week we picked up the keys to the studio and began the mammoth task of moving all my art materials, folders, books etc from their old home to their new home - The Laboratory Art Studio, No 1 Wat Tyler Country Park. 
Here's the progress so far......

The class end of the studio is still filled with bits and bobs to be sorted and put away, but the pile is getting smaller.

My working end of the studio is starting to take shape.

I am looking forward to having the time to make over my bureau,
  I am thinking maybe  cream with the laboratory logo on?

I think this sofa is going to come in useful over the next few months
 Hopefully we will have the studio looking all spick and span ready for the launch on January 12th. If you are interested in finding out information on children's art classes, adults art classes or are interested in joining our "Make and Matter" group on a Saturday Morning, starting 19th January please email Lisa at
Whilst going through all the folders and boxes I came across this lino print I made as part of my foundation art class many moons ago, I am looking forward to having the space to experiment more in print

Lovely print my son completed when he was about 10 years old whilst I was doing my degree


  1. It's getting very exciting isn't it Lisa? Can't wait to see it.

  2. as l open my own small art school and studio 6 months ago...l know exactly what you are going through! Exciting isn't ..if hard work.x Good luck in 2013!x lynda waving from Putney!x